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Concise Introduction to Comparative Law

Michael Bogdan - vyd. Europa Law Publishing



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Číslo produktu: ELP1255
Rok vydania: 2013
Počet strán: 216
Väzba: mäkká
EAN kód: 9789089521255
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In today's globalized world, jurists cannot limit themselves to studying the laws of their own country. This book is mainly designed to be used as a textbook for beginners taking introductory courses on foreign and comparative law. The book's concise format makes it fit for use also in other courses, such as legal history or jurisprudence. It will provide students with a basic knowledge of US, English, French, German, Chinese, and Islamic law and legal culture. It also discusses the methodological problems that arise in connection with studying, comparing, and working with foreign legal systems in general. The book will be useful as a spring-board towards more profound studies by students and others seeking more advanced knowledge.