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A Dictionary of Forensic Science

Suzanne Bell - vyd. Oxford



Dostupnosť: dodanie 3-4 týždne
Číslo produktu: OUP4009
Výrobca: Oxford University Press
Rok vydania: 2012
Počet strán: 320
Väzba: mäkká
EAN kod: 9780199594009
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Kompletné špecifikácie

  • The most up-to-date A to Z of forensic science available with over 1,300 entries
  • Written by one of the most renowned researchers in the field
  • Offers case examples, figures, and photographs that complement the A to Z entries
  • Features a bibliography with further reading recommendations
  • Provides entry-level web links, listed and regularly updated on a companion website

Forensic scientists apply scientific analysis in a legal context and play a vital role in solving crimes. Sometimes the collection of forensic evidence is the only way to establish or exclude an association between suspect and victim or crime scene, or to establish a likely order of events. Profiting from recent scientific developments and the advancement of technological equipment, forensic science is a rapidly evolving discipline that encompasses many sciences and the law.

This dictionary covers in over 1300 entries the key concepts within forensic science, including a wide array of relevant specialist terms from areas such as chemistry, biology, anthropology, art, engineering, firearms, toolmarks, trace evidence, crime scene investigation, case history, biographies of investigators and criminals, as well as forensic computing. Ranging from crime scene to fibers and fluorescence to RAM, this new dictionary is the most up-to-date of its kind and is international in scope.

Entry-level web links to online resources are listed and regularly updated on a companion website, expanding the scope of the dictionary and pointing to more in-depth supplementary material. Many entries are complemented by case examples (Dr Crippen, Mary Ann Cotton, etc.), figures, and photographs, which makes this A to Z an ideal reference for students of forensic science, as well as professionals and those with an interest in forensics.



Readership: Students and practitioners of forensic science; students of related disciplines such as chemistry, biology, psychology, law, law enforcement, and criminology; those interested in forensics.